Clonedvd Mobile beta released



CloneDVD mobile Revision History

Version (beta): 2006 05 25

  • New: Updated to the latest mencoder build
  • New: Added profile for the Arcos AV320 (untested!)
  • New: AVI files can now be created with libavformat (Archos AV320)
  • New: AVC profile for PSP is back, now including subtitles!
  • New: PSP does now show movie title
  • Change: Apple iPod postprocessing is back, fixes hangs
    with Apple iPod
  • New: Added “Please wait…” dialog while Apple iPod
    postprocessing is done
  • Change: iPod postprocessing is now done, even if encoding is
    aborted. Handy if you want to check output quality by creating
    a short movie clip by clicking “Cancel” during encoding.
  • Updated languages



Thanks Webslinger. :slight_smile: Already reported here BTW. :wink:




hmm looks like we lost some messages here


It is the though that counts.


The AVC PSP Profile is not working for me I dropped the quality slider to 23 and it still shows a video rate of 796 and an AAC rate of 4 !. Unsupported Data.


Using the Zen Profile I’m getting very Jerky video result, looks very hitchy. Anyone else?


I’ve also submitted an enhancement request for support for the new Toshiba Gigabeat S Series that runs Portable Media Center. It will only play WMV/ASF files. It won’t play my avi files that I have already encoded for my Windows Smartphone. Hopefully this will be added for future releases!


Quick update, if I encode from a Black & White source it’s fine, if it’s color it’ve very hitchy.