CloneDVD Mac version?

Some threads quite a while ago I’ve read a few words on a upcoming Mac OS X version of CloneDVD. But I’ve never heard again something about this project.
Has this project been canceled or can I still hope to see this wonderfull little tool once a time running on a Mac? I would really be the first one who want’s to spend money on this little tool. :wink:

Just asking this 'cause I haven’t found something comparable to CloneDVD on the Mac market yet. Sure, there are a few tools out you can copy a DVD on a Mac, but nothing as easy to use and as unimpeachable as I’ve experienced CloneDVD on a Windows PC. There are only tools out you can (as far as I’ve found) copy either a whole disk or the main movie, but not the main movie and the menu and a selection of some (not all) bonus features as you can do with CloneDVD within a few clicks.

What happend to the Mac version of this little nifty tool? Please Elby, give me the last reason to retire my old PC only survived due to the fact of the “missing tool”. But isn’t this a waste of space and ressources, isn’t it? :wink:

Perhaps someone could please bring a little light into this mystery…


CloneDVD2:mac is currently only available in Japan. I don’t know, if there are plans to release it in other countries. If you can speak japanese, you can find more information here:

Wow, if there is a Mac OsX port than there could be a linux port too… that would be definitely interesting and innovative! :stuck_out_tongue:


AFAIK there are no plans for a Linux port. On the Mac AnyDVD is really missing. CloneDVD is no fun without AnyDVD… no, the Mac is no fun without AnyDVD.

Yeah, that’s true… In this special case Windows has definitly some advantages over OS X and AnyDVD in daemon mode on a Mac would be a real nice (and needed) killer feature.
But CloneDVD running on a Mac (outside Japan) would even without AnyDVD a better solution than all these other little tools available on the market for this system.

BTW, unfurtunatly I can’t neither read nor speak japanese… but thanks for the link. :wink:

At least you can check the screenshots :slight_smile: