CloneDVD lockup after latest Windows XP update

After the last update to windows XP that I did today which had 4 updates clonedvd would start and when you select the movie for copy it would not display the chapters and would stop responding. I removed the latest windows updates after trying everything else I could think of and clonedvd worked fine again. Has anyone else had this happen? Is windows tryin g to stop dvd copy software?

It is probably some component that is messing with it. I never use the updates, it always messes up your computer. I stopped doing it before SP2.

Hi :slight_smile:
I had 6 updates from Microsoft & CloneDVD2 works fine for me.For those interested set to write @ 12x SB/WOPC enabled OS disabled.

Here is the solution to your problem:

Thanks for the help I will give it a try first chance I get