CloneDVD- it is taking 2-3 hours to burn

It is still taking me 2-3 hours to burn a movie!! I checked all of my DMA settings (3 primary & 3 secondary) and they are all set to “DMA if available”. What is going on?? I have my speed in the program set to maximum.

go here to read this;en-us;817472

After the Windows IDE/ATAPI Port driver (Atapi.sys) receives a cumulative total of six time-out or cyclical redundancy check (CRC) errors, the driver reduces the communications speed (the transfer mode) from the highest Direct Memory Access (DMA) mode to lower DMA modes in steps. If the driver continues to receive time-out or CRC errors, the driver eventually reduces the transfer mode to the slowest mode (PIO mode)…

you need to un-install the channel (right click on the channel and choose uninstall) and re-boot. Windows will reinstall the device and return it to DMA mode.

Interesting, would never have thought a driver had that capability.
I must say though I’ve had several defective DVD’s with the cyclical redundancy check error message, in desperation one time I even tried DVD Decrypter with over 1000 retries to copy it with no luck. After all those tries I still never experienced any burning slowdowns later, nor did I have to uninstall the Windows drivers.

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I have read the referenced Microsoft article provided by Forum member ireland. I personally do not believe this Microsoft propaganda.

As also stated by Forum member itzbinnice I also have set DVD Decrypter to keep on pinging away at an extremely scratched DVD that had untold number of CRC Read Errors on the DVD for a couple of days. I have done this on lots of extremely scratched DVDs and have never once had the Ultra DMA Mode changed to a lower Mode.

If someone would do additional research on this topic I believe probably Microsoft has issued some “Hot Fix” somewhere along the line to correct this problem and through the Window Updates process everyone has had this problem corrected on their machine.

I am interested to hear other Forum Members Comments on this subject.

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So should I only have one primary channel and one secondary channel instead of 3 primary and 3 secondary?? I honestly do not know much about these settings. Would it be best to delete and let the computer reinstall? Thanks.

@ xtremez28,

In your initial posting in this thread you state you have “3 Primary and 3 Secondary and they are all set to DMA if available”. From this statement I am confused as to what type of hardware configuration you have.

Could you please provide detailed information as exactly what IDE Channels you have, what hardware devices are connected to these channels, and what hardware devices are set as Master and what is set as Slave. Could you also state who installed these IDE hardware devices.

From your “3 Primary and 3 Secondary and they are all set to DMA if available” statement your IDE Channel hardware configuration information is important in figuring out if your hardware devices are connected properly. If your hardware devices are not connected properly could be the reason you are experiencing 2-3 hour burn times.

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PS - It should be noted that you have two CloneDVD Forum threads (“How long does it take you to burn movie??” and “CloneDVD- it is taking 2-3 hours to burn”) running at the same time. This is very confusing and makes it difficult to keep track of what is happing with your problem. The next time you have a problem only make one Forum posting and don’t make a double Forum postings.

Well 3 of them say “Primary IDE Channel” and 3 say “Secondary IDE Channel”. They were installed like this when I got the computer i guess. I did not put them on there. Should I delete 2 of each and keep just one?? I have a dvd burner and a dvd rom/ cdrw… Any help is appreciated…

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Well that’s real nice but how about providing the information requested if you would like help in figuring out what your problem might be.

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