CloneDVD is having some issues with a disc

Hello group, I have a question for you. I am trying to make copy Dragnet 1967 Season 1 Side B of the disc and I am coming up with a CRC error. :sad:

I told CloneDVD2 several time to retry but it will not proceed any further. I looked at the disc surface and see that there is some scratches on the surface. None of which look deep. Mainly surface scratches.

Is there a way that I can get CloneDVD2 to work or will I need to use another program to get it to rip off??? I do not want to mention any other programs because it may get some members a little upset.

I bought the disc used so I guess that I should have known better. :doh:

Thank you for the info! Oh yeah you will need what version of CloneDVD that I am using. It is version

I take it you are using AnyDVD as well? If so, try a copy and paste of the disc onto your hard drive through windows explorer.

If the scracthes are very bad, you could try something like isobuster.

Yes, I am using AnyDVD as well. Version I will try copying the folder to the harddrive and see. Isobuster??? Hmmmm… I may try that one too. Thanks for the suggestions


After Clone DVD2 gave me CRC errors on about 18 of 20 different discs I tried to burn - I burned them very successfully with AnyDVD and DVDshrink - thank goodness it was only the trial version of CloneDVD2-


Mike, I know that you had problems with CloneDVD2, however, it is the main tool I use for backing up my DVD’s and have not had a problem yet (other than Hitch, but an update cured that)

However, the problem here appears that the disc is scratched, hence the CRC erros. If the disc is that bad, virtually no DVD copy software will touch it - thats where software such as isobuster come in handy.

I am a big fan of using what ever software works to clear a problem - AnyDVD & DVDShrink works for you - AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 works for me - c’est la vie

Thank you for all of the suggestions. Thank you for telling me about Isobuster. :cool: But my wife just wanted me to see if I could get the disc exchanged. Which is what we did.

So I could not try out that program. :doh: I tried Shrink and DVDDecryptor on the disc and both of them bombed out. :frowning: But the exchanged one seems to be going along smoothly. Again thank you for the help and the tip on that program. I will have to try it out sometime! :bigsmile:


Glad to hear that it worked out for you-

I should be so lucky-eh?


So you using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to backup this disc? Would be good if you post if it worked or not.

Glad to be able to help.

[QUOTE=abrown15]I take it you are using AnyDVD as well? If so, try a copy and paste of the disc onto your hard drive through windows explorer.QUOTE]

In my experiences with defective disks I have tried numerous times to copy it to hard drive, all met with failure. Windows Explorer will hang on the defective file(s) and never copy it.

Yes, that is what I used to try on the original and the exchanged one. The exchanged one worked like a charm with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. :cool: The first one that I had made CloneDVD2, DVDShrink, and DVDDecryptor bomb out. :frowning:

But I got it working now! Thanks to all for the help!

Only suggested this to rule out any problems with CloneDVD2 - I know several members have had an issue with CRC errors using CloneDVD2 - all I know is that it works fine for me.


It was a good suggestion, what I was attemting to say, but failed to do so, is state, whenever I had a defective disk Windows Explorer will choke on it also.

If Explorer fails, in my experience so did all other programs.


Cool - not a problem - just getting a bit twitchy I guess - certain members of AnyDVD and CloneDVD forums are a bit ‘proactive’ in their criticism of other members posts - plus I am on holidays for 11 days, and had a really nice bottle of red wine, and the wife is now hasseling me to go to bed, and I am becoming more verbose by the minute and feel the need to post - so guess I am now totally off topic and slightly tipsy, so best go to bed!!