i just downloaded CloneDVD 4 and i can not get it to burn a DVD. i have two burner drives (1) Philips DH-16W1S (2) Samsung SH-S203N/SB01 Firmware…i chose master as source (it has original dvd in it) and i chose second drive as target (it has blank media in it (Verbatim dvd-r)

when i click start it goes to the status bar and showes that it is doing 1 of 2 things…tells me that it is coping dvd to temp file
this is where the problem starts when it gets to 100% instead of starting the burn process the program closes itself!!! the status bar closes and nothing happens! what is going on? i even tried to use just one drive but it does the same thing…


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome onboard harley71295. :iagree: :clap:
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But. That program is a pain in the butt.
Not connected to the more popular CloneDVD2.
If it’s a trial, then scrap & try some other s/w.
If you’ve bought it. Try & get a refund.

so clonedvd2 it your choice?

It is not our choice, it is a genuine software that works, i.e. CloneDVD2.