CloneDVD help please

Hi have just tried backing up 2 dvd’s useing CloneDVD copy dvd only the title and AnyDVD … it seems to read the discs ok but then when it comes to writing them i get this message below… can anyone help please…

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drrrrrr i’v just worked out the problen…:o :o

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Hey, I’m having the same problem with the other CloneDVD, how did you solve your problem?


More than likely by updating to the current version of AnyDVD (from and CloneDVD (from, as well as selecting the correct button and content.

Is there a difference between selecting DVD-R and DVD-5? I’ve been using a 4.6gb RW to try and make my backups and when I select DVD-R to burn it gives gives me the source data error.

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The “Target Size” options in SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD v2.9.01 are as follows ->

DVD +/- R DL
Mini DVD

There is no DVD-R option.

However there is a DVD +/- R DL option for selecting DL (DVD-9 8.5GB) Media. I believe you are mistakenly confusing this “Target Size” DVD +/- R DL option with DVD-R.

Mistakenly selecting the incorrect “Target Size” and inserting the wrong size blank DVD Media in your computer DVD Burner will cause “Source Data Error” notifications. If you are using DVDR RW 4.7GB Media you should select the DVD-5 “Target Size” option.


This is the error message I get when trying to burn onto a rewritable disc which has not been erased; even though I have checked the box to “overwrite rewritable media”

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OK thanks…I am now well informed and will abide by the rules.

Rewritable media is notorious for evoking error messages. RW meda stops working without warning. Suggest you just use real backup media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden to backup the movies you purchase.

You have a very knowledgeable member helping you now, Whisperer1 will give good advice.

Hi there Whisperer…thanks. I understand what you say about RW media; however,The problem I am having only happens with Clonedvd; (which I have recently downloaded on 21 day pre purchase trial) not with any other program like 1click or dvdshrink. Both those programs ask if you want to overwrite the disc, yes or no, click yes and away it goes. I have just did a nero erase of the same RW media that failed with Clonedvd, and tried it again, and it burned fine. So I imagine that there is a bug or problem with the program or something that I don’t understand about it. Clonedvd seems to me to be a better program than 1click in that it is much faster and uses far less CPU, although not as user friendly. Are you able to shed some light on this? Thanks.

Hi there back at you. But I may be the wrong person to ask on how to get RW media to work. Based on my experience with it, I am prejudiced against it and would never try to get results with it. Sorry but that’s my only advice.

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Thanks. You obviously have done your research re: media and have a high regard Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. Where do you rate TDK??

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Possibly the below Web Link will prove to be useful to you ->



At first glance all the apps you linked to are for ripping to different formats (iPod etc.) and not actual copying software.

I really like to see these 2 year old threads come alive again. Knowledge continues to grow…