CloneDVD has been released and is ready for download

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  Elby has let us know that they are about to release their  much anticipated software: CloneDVD                 . Many users have been waiting for this release that has been delayed  many times...
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I love oli (in a hetrosexual way that is) for doing a great job again.

Nice. I hope it gives the option to copy the movie to one disc and all the extras to another disc, while preserving the menus on both discs.
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What’s special on this software? Only transcoding and only from harddisc. And why two options (“Copy DVD titel” and “Clone DVD”) for nearly the same? No need to change from DVD2One or DVD95Copy…! Elby hasn’t released a new version for CloneCD since months and Alcohol is better… And CloneDVD will be no hype at all. Elby is history in my eyes and only still lives because of the formally good “Clone” name…

For some reason I expected it to copy protected DVD’s. I guess not. :c NOTE: CloneDVD does not backup copy-protected DVDs! Many DVDs are Content Scrambling System (CSS) encoded, which is a copy-protection file system. If a DVD is CSS-encoded then the DVD reader will refuse to access the disc. Therefore CloneDVD cannot read the files and make a copy.

almost nobody takes a risk about breaking protections of dvd’s at the moment(software developers) to much risk to get in court

dvdxcopy express handle decss…

DVDShrink 2.3 and Nero copy DVD with CSS, not cloneDVD ! arf ! arf ! DVDShrink 2.3 : free :B Nero : OEM with burner :slight_smile: CloneDVD : 39 euro !!! :frowning: :r

You can use somthing like DVD Decrypter with CloneDVD to backup your dvd’s.

I hope we get to see a discounted combined CloneCD+CloneDVD package

My personal favorite is Smartripper 2.41 for a very nice dvd decrypter because it uses aspi to decode the movies and also demacrovisions the movies. Then I would use DVDShrink to compress and nero to burn, but if this cuts out the step of nero that would be great but it is not free though. Later buster How can I change my login name

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CloneDVD is brilliant…l can now backup movies that could never play on my families DVD players, eg Pioneer and LG brands… Elby is a champion:)

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Drop me a PM via the forum.
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Yeah but which company is currently in trouble with Hollywood for bringing out software with a decryption technology on board…? Yes, that would be 321 Studios, creators of DVD X Copy Xpress. I don’t think Elaborate Bytes would like to risk this.

I’ve tested CloneDVD and it hasn’t worked… Transcoding was ok (slower than DVD2One!), but burning failed! Elby was really good two years ago - now they are nothing special anymore. DVD X Copy Xpress or DCS are better and more stable!

First of all you all didn’t read much about this program…like olli did only the writing part in this program…so dont blame him for this and that… second lets give this program a shot cause i just know when this program is further developed and works great all people will say this program rocks and blablabla Its just launched… :r

There is a very interesting thread on CloneDVD is on the last place…

I am from the US and I still cannot understand how our government can sue some company from another country for writing a software program in which our laws do not apply. I know that US consumers will purchase the program, but hell, Elby doesn’t even list the US currency for the price of the key. As a consumer, I should have the right to make a legal backup of something that I purchased. (ie: software) Hell, everything I purchase has some type of warranty attached to it - but I am not allowed to make a safe backup of a $30 DVD disc? Yet, I can purchase a $7 mouse from BestBuy and still get a 2 year warranty for it? Everything has a warranty and if I invest my hard earned money into a movie and something happens to it, I should be able to play my backup. How much money do the studio execs need to live? I make a heck of a lot less than I did 2 years ago and I still love certain movies to the point where I want to purchase them to keep. I feel bad that certain companies have succumbed to our (the US) laws and have gotten scared to the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, but this sh|t just isn’t right. I am to the point of other users out there and don’t really care if it takes 2 plus programs to make a backup of a movie that I want to preserve. I have the right.