CloneDVD Hangs after VIDEO_TS Selection

I am using CloneDVD version and AnyDVD version with two Sony 810A firmware version 1.0e. I believe the problem started when I replaced one of my DVD burners last week. Then when my Windows 2000 Pro machine came back up. It required me to re-activate my windows. Reason stated too many hardware changes. So I re-activated windows. I had not used CloneDVD since copying the Inside man about a week and half ago. Now when I select the VIDEO_TS file from the DVD I am trying to copy. CloneDVD hangs about 5 seconds into the preview window. And I can not close the program. I have to reboot my computer to restart CloneDVD. I can play the DVD with all my player programs with no problems. So I decided to hook up my USB DVD burner to see if I was having a hardware problem. But CloneDVD hangs with unit as well. So I removed CloneDVD and AnyDVD and re-installed twice with no effect. So I tried to CloneDVD from a USB hard drive where I have copied a few movies to. And that seems to work ok. Right now CloneDVD will hang with any dvd I try to copy right after making the VIDEO_TS selection. And will not close after it hangs. Has anyone seen this one before? Thanks for any assistance you may have to offer.


This happens to me when using AnyDVD When I went back to, it stopped happening. Were you using before you replaced the burner, and did it ever hang then?

I may have upgraded to since I last ran CloneDVD. So I removed and installed Had to reboot machine after installing. Once up, tried again and still hangs. Any other suggestions?


Today I uninstalled CloneDVD and AnyDVD completely. Ran disk scan to check my hard drive for any errors. It completed showing the drive was clean. I ran Registry Clean up to clean out any unused registries still there. After each event I reboot my PC. Then install CloneDVD And AnyDVD Rebooted my PC each time. The reason I installed these versions. These were the last versions I knew worked for me last. Ran CloneDVD and it has hung again in the same place as stated in my first post. I have tested all my applications to see if I had any problems with them. And all seems to function properly. The only issue I have is when I run CloneDVD. Strachen you stated that AnyDVD gave you the same issue I am seeing, and reverting back to seem to fix your issue. I can’t seem to have the same luck as you. Any help to get my CloneDVD working again would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have any packet writing software loaded? Such as Nero’s INCD…

I have Roxio installed. I went into my Window Task Manager/ Processes and close everything that had to did with that program. I went a step further and close my viruscan, firewall, then diabled my internet connection. Closed as many application in my task bar that I could. Then ran CloneDVD again, same failure hanging. But thanks for the reply and something else to try.

So what is the dvd you are trying to copy? You stated that Inside Man worked, what about a different title? Maybe the disc you are trying has mastering problems of some sort.

I have tried to copy Inside Man , Hunt for Red October, Annapolis, and few others I have copied before. I don’t think it is the DVD’s. It has to do with reading the DVD as soon as I select the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD. Using any one of my DVD burners.

Try the latest clonedvd 2901 + latest Anydvd
it may solve your problem

I have already tried the latest releases. CloneDVD version and AnyDVD version This had no effect on resolving the issue. Thanks anyway ZAG. Is there someone out there that can give me a suggestion where to look for more information other than a hang condition. Maybe a log file some where in CloneDVD or AnyDVD that could help isolate the issue?

have you tired removing the new burner and going with the reader that worked prior to start of this issue?

I have two burners on the secondary IDE port. Both are Sony’s and one USB burner. Have had this configuration for over a year. I have used all three of them and I still get the same results. If the new burner I replaced was the issue. The USB burner should have worked. But since it has the same issue as the other two. I don’t think it would be the new burner. But I have read a few post and did remove the secondary IDE port from the device manager. And reboot the PC to reload the drivers for the IDE port and both burners. That did not fix the issue either.

Its hard to understand and thus resolve your problem when you give conflicting information

Do you have a backup copy or abity to do a restore to a time prior to the problem?
check this

What conflicting imformation do you have a concern with. I replaced one of two sony drives because it went bad. I tried my back up hard drive which was last updated about two months ago. And it failed to boot. I do have a Windows 2000 hard drive that I will try to boot up later this afternoon. I will try the work around about drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to my hard drive then use CloneDVD. And will post the results.

Anderrd -

Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks posting which provides information that might be helpful in resolving your problem.


I want to thank all of you who has posted with suggestions. I found the problem. I have been running two dvd burners in my system for awhile now. And both have been running on the same interface secondary IDE port. I had one plugged as a master and the other a slave. And had have no problems running like this. What I found is the new drive did not like running on the same interface with another dvd burner. I went and bought another one and replaced it. And now everything is back the way it was. So I decided to do further testing to see if I could use CSEL instead of master and slave jumper settings. That didn’t change a thing. For some reason a bad DVD burner that will not work on the same interface. One for the books. I think I will either swap the bad one for a new one and have a spare or get my money back.


There you go : A bad burner or install
was a cause of your problem
that is why i suggested you remove the new hardware which you said was installed about a weak ago
and then you stated you had your current install for over a year

Anyway glad it is working for you