CloneDVD GO (burn) Button Greyed Out

I am trying to make a backup of The Chronicles of Narnia. All the screens load properly, however, when I get to the last screen the GO (burn button) is greyed out. AnyDVD found and stripped alot of protections from it. I have a Lite-on LH 20A1H. I did a backup of other movies today and had no problem. I’m using Verbatim media but I might add that inspite reports to the contrayry I’ve had equally good luck with Memorex (haven’t had a coaster with them yet, in fact some burns failed with the Verbatims but burned perfectly with the Memorex). Any way out of this Greyed out burn button problem? I also have the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2
Thanks in advance,


Maybe you have something in the folder that the temp files need to go into?

This movie was backed up successfully by me and many others. I don’t know who used that model Liteon but I think if it was a rampant problem we would have heard about it. The Verb media is really good stuff, that should not be the problem. Have you tried using another burner, maybe try a “movie only” backup to rule out some things.

hi Alan.
I don’t know what caused it originally but after 2 reboots I worked fine, go figure. By the way what is the better program CloneDVD2 or 1click DVD Copy Pro which i’m considering getting if it’s worth it. Thanks for your prompt reply.


They both are great programs. You should not have any problem with either they both work seemlessly with AnyDVD.:iagree:

Thanks Alan, I’ll get 1Click trial and check it out. Maybe It will work on DVD’s that CloneDVD is having problems with.


You must select a valid output path (files, burner, whatever you selected) for the “GO” button to become active.

I did do that on the first screen (burner where the dvd was and it recognized it) and got all way to to the final screen where the Go button was greyed out.
As I said though after 2 reboots it worked.