CloneDVD freezing?

hey guys, im using AnyDVD and CloneDVD/Nero to burn my DVD’s, but lately everytime its gone through putting the information from my harddrive to the blank DVD, my entire computer freezes up and ruins the disc, this happens on both Nero and CloneDVD. I have tried to reinstal both programs but with no luck? is ther eanything I can do? Thanks.

There is a good chance you are using crappy media and this is your problem(?)

hey guys, alright no luck yet. and ive tried this on like 3-4 movies, and even some that I had made previously…is there anything I can do, tried defrag, driver update, reinstalling both anyDVD and CloneDVD with no luck and system restore. Im gonna try to reinstal the drivers all together, so we’ll see if any suggestions please help!

Try shutting down all unnecessary programs running in the background before beginning burning process.

Suggest using up to date software/firmware, quality media and no multitasking while burning. With lesser quality media, try burning at 1/2 rated burn speed.

You might want to try a defrag. Thats made some coasters for me.

how about updating your firmware while your at it.