CloneDVD freezing and hanging

OK, I’ve looked through some of the archives and didn’t find anything to help me with my specific problem. I use Clone DVD and AnyDVD…which I think are the latest updates. I just did the IDE drivers and did the firmware update on my HP 740b last night. Here is my problem. While trying to burn a DVD, Clone freezes just while writing the files. Just now, it stopped at 17%! I then have a heckuva time getting CloneDVD to shut down. It usually requires me “X’ing” out of the program, then “end now” etc. It will shut down, but when I open up Task Manager, it still shows Clone DVD as a running process…but not an application. I can open other programs, but can’t get Firefox to open. Then I try to restart my puter and it is still hung up from the Clone DVD fiasco…so I have to to shut it off with the dreaded button :doh:

I run Norton…tho they’ve decided not to continue my live updates until I pay them more for a newer version of Norton grrrrrrr…but that is another forum :wink: I do Ewido…there again, you can’t update that program any longer, and Registry first aid along with the slew of other anti virus/malware programs.

I truly hope one of you guru’s can help me…I don’t know what else to try!

You do not give very much info as to your computer ram etc, etc.??? You can have only one anti virus program on your system- Uninstall norton and download avg free. You can update ewido manually. Do you know how to do msconfig and clean out your startup. Also what dvd drive and firmware??? Sounds like you have too many programs running.

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You could possibly have some background Multi Task interfering with the proper operation of CloneDVD. The below Forum posting provides information that might prove to be helpful.


Sorry about that, I have a HP Pavillion, Pent 4, 2.53 Ghz and .99 GBof RAM. I have AVG and have never had a problem with any other programs…I’ve not noticed any conflict. Can you be specific on how to update Ewido please? I love that program and would like to continue to use it. DVD Drive is a couple of month old HP LightScribe 740b…I’m not sure what your wanting on the firmware part of your question. My Newbieness is showing :wink: I went to and found my drive and updated it. I even have to shut down ZA because every few hours, it asks me to send info to them to see if I need an update. This was indeed interrupting my burning. Other than that, I have no other programs open while burning. I did just clean up my MSCONFIG so will restart and see where I am at LOL Thanks

Do you have the latest ewido?? If yes go to status and update now. If you have an old version-download the new version-I think 4.0 is the new version. I would shut all programs running and see if you can back up dvds. Also do you have any packet writing software like nero incd-if yes uninstall it. Is dma enabled ?? good luck.