CloneDVD freezes repeatedly



just downloaded CloneDVD on a Win2000 machine and tried it out. But every time I try to clone a DVD, on the second page I can select the source DVD, it shows the contents, but as soon as I deselect one of the contents or press “continue” CloneDVD freezes. I can end the program but the process stays in the task manager and cannot be ended.
Any suggestions?


Which CloneDVD have you got?? I presume it’s the fake one. Get the original at or


It is the version I downloaded on February 7th from It runs as trial.


Then it’s definitely the “original”. Maybe Olli can help you out of this misery. Usually CloneDvd2 is a very reliable and stable app.


I’d remove reload CloneDVD2. Also shutdown all other programs like firewall and antivirus PRIOR to launching CloneDVD. You can download the free version of ENDITALL to do this.


>I’d remove reload CloneDVD2.

what do you mean with “reload CloneDVD2”?



uninstall/reinstall clonedvd 2


Did that 2 times, did not help.
Any other suggestions?


Could be a specific problem with a DVD. Try another DVD.