CloneDVD Forum?



Just a little suggestion . what about a seperate CloneDVD forum here ? … Just bought my DVD burner and going to try CloneDVD and see :bigsmile:

Would be easier to find DVD related question and information.




From the Elby site -


Coming really soon now!

So if it ain’t out yet, what do you suppose people can discuss? Hmmm…:rolleyes:


Elby CloneDVD is in testing


And a CloneDVD forum will be added when the software is available (or this CloneCD forum will be renamed to CloneCD/DVD forum).


CloneDVD is actually released, but it’s not from Elby!!


Yes that’s correct… we’re however talking about Elaborate Bytes’ CloneDVD here of course :wink: I presume Lunda was too…?