CloneDVD for PocketPC



So what is the chance that an updated version of CloneDVD will be able to backup your DVD’s so that they can be played on Pocket PC’s?

I think it would be a great addition, even if it meant buying a new version of this software just for PPC use.


How in the Hell are you gonna load CloneDVD on your pocket PC and insert the original DVD in the Pocket PC? Are you that ignorant? I thought you were tech savy joshieca.



i think he meant if there is a chance that there will be a pc-version of clonedvd, which will be able to backup dvd’s down to 200MB, so that they fit on a memory-card and can be played in a pocket pc.

@ joshieca:
try PocketDIVXEncoder.
it’s free, simple and works great.
use the The Core Pocket Media Player on your PPC device as player.

btw: nice avatar, sabine. especially the big version in the public profile… :wink:


Why you don’t have the big version in your public profile? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Sabine: Like Razor suggests, what I meant of course is a CloneDVD option that will allow it to compress and resize for the PocketPC’s.

Razor: I will look into that divx program, I know that there are several programs out there that will do it, but non of the “commerical” ones I hear work very well…its not too clear of an image. I know that you can do it “manually” but there is a hella lota steps to go through to get it right.


I also think CloneDVD-to-PocketPC is a good idea! I have already tried different existing programs, but none of them worked too well.

I don’t need it to be too complex… just compress the main movie is enough for me. No need for director’s commentary, THX, etc. Just the main movie, and maybe subtitles also (for those noisy subway rides).

Typical file size would be 200-500mb (selectable) so that it can fit onto a memory card. The output format must be mpeg so that it is compabible with PocketPC’s default Windows media player.


I use NeroRecode to get my DVDs down to 200-300mb all the time to watch in the gym on my HP HX4700.

Be nice if CloneDVD could do this as well, not many apps out there that do this you know, at least easily!



I tried NeroRecode, but it only outputs to mpeg4 format. My iPAQ1910 can’t open it. I think it can only open normal mpg extensions. I am using Windows Media 9 Mobile. Can anyone help?



Don’t count on it.

CloneDVD isn’t an ENCODER, it’s a TRANSCODER.

Your PocketPC likely plays H.264 or DIVX or something, not MPEG2.


Check out PocketDivxEncoder and BetaPlayer. I’ve used them on both my PPC devices with great success.


I’ve tried quite a few programs that claim to do this and by far the best is FairUse Wizard, I usually shrink movies down to 300mb to watch on my Asus PDA.
Get it here