CloneDvd Final Files Size Under 4:36gb



I make this test and I get different final sizes:

Movie: Die Another Day (movie only) (angle 1)
Region 1
Audio: English/Spanish
Subtitles: Englis/Spanish

DVD2ONE (movie only, variable or constant)/ANYDVD = 4.36GB

CLONEDVD (copy dvd titles (movie only) preserve menus uncheck/ANYDVD = 3.98GB

CLONEDVD (copy dvd titles (movie only) preserve menus ANYDVD = 3.98GB

If i rip first the movie using (dvdshink or dvddecripter) and then using CLONEDVD (same movie above) final size is: = 4:36gb

Did I do something wrong or what?

Please help, now with ANYDVD u can save time in the process, but using CLONEDVD/ANYDVD looks like u sacrify quality.

Thanks for any advise.:confused: :confused: :wink: :wink:


PAL; R4; DTS; movie only (so subs, no extras)

CloneDVD + AnyDVD, no menus > 4.12496 GB (4,429,150,208 bytes)

(working out the others now…)

DVD Shrink > Re-Author Mode: 4.2705 GB (L3); Full Disk Mode 4.2705 GB (L6)

DVD Shrink + AnyDVD

DVD Decrypter + CloneDVD (Case 1)

DVD Decrypter + AnyDVD + CloneDVD (Case 3)


SmatRipper + AnyDVD