CloneDVD files

I’m a newby using the AnyDVD & CloneDVD from Slysoft software. Love it so far, but I have a question that if someone could help me with I’d be much appreciative. When I rip a DVD to my computer, it downloads all kinds of files, mostly .vob & .iso files I believe. I can tell by the size of the files which ones are the entire movie, but what I can’t decipher is whether these files are dependent on each other. In other words, if I get rid of all but the largest files (that contain the full movie from what I can tell), would I still be able to view the file with full audio and would I still be able to burn the file onto a DVDR at a later date if need be without any issue?

Also, is there any way to tell what file would be a chapters menu without clicking on each and every file?

Basically looking for help deciphering exactly what I’m ripping from my DVDs if anyone can help me. Thank you!

If you want to play the files as a DVD Video (or later write to a DVD Video disk) then you need to keep all the files or extract just the movie using DVD Shrink (or similar) which retains the DVD Video structure.

If you just want the movie data, then I believe there are programs which will play vob files directly, although you may lose the chapter info if you discard the IFO files. (BUP files are backup copies of the IFO files).


P.S. No, there is no way apart from an intelligent guess to tell which file contains the chapter menu; this depends on the way the DVD is authored.

Thank you for your reply.

Your answers were what I was expecting, but I was hoping to hear otherwise (just so I could save some space on my hard drives). I have heard of DVD Shrink, but have never used it. Would it work alongside CloneDVD or as a separate component? Its limitation is it doesn’t get around the protections, right?

As an additional question not completely related to the other issues, since I haven’t tried it yet, how easy is it to burn the ripped files onto disks later on? Is it a hassle that I am later on going to feel I have wasted my time ripping all of my movies to my computer?

Again, thanks for your help. I’m kind of new to the whole DVD ripping/burning process and am trying to figure it all out.

[QUOTE=jonheil;2503512]Would it work alongside CloneDVD or as a separate component? Its limitation is it doesn’t get around the protections, right?[/QUOTE]

Those are two separate running programs and won’t like running both at the same time. You have to run one or the other at a time. If you do plan to get one I would say get CloneDVD as it is updated while shrink author isn’t supporting it anymore. If you want just the movie you can also use Anydvd to rip the movie as well as CloneDVD to get only the movie as well.

Alright, another question regarding the files that are pulled using CloneDVD. Why are there usually at least 2 rather large files that I believe carry the full movie? Am I selecting the movie twice during the checklist screen and so it is downloading the whole thing multiple times? Better yet, am I able to get rid of one of these files since the other one seems to work just fine?