CloneDVD features

anyone know what’s it’s gonna include?

will it include what I asked for HERE

cos there is no tool at the moment that can remove content from a DVD automatically without slipping up, so I have to use Ifoedit etc manually to maintain a valid DVD structure

it would be nice if this was one of the features along with other stuff mentioned HERE

The only information that’s known for now has been posted here:

[ul][li]Extracts, transcodes and writes one or all Video Titles to one recordable
[/li][li]DVD; different use-cases like „Create DVD Image" or „Create DVD Files" can be selected separately
[/li][li]Uses high-quality transcoding technology
[/li][li]EXTRA CRUNCHY: Crunches your personal choice of Video Titles with your selected Audio, - Angle- and Subtitle Streams to one DVD recordable
[/li][li]Video-Preview while selecting the Video Titles and while transcoding
[/li][li]Automatically adapts the selected data to the size of the DVD recordable
[/li][li]Image Quality: With an average selection of streams you will not notice a difference in comparison to the original. No block-artefacts.
[/li][li]Preferences: Memorizes the last settings that were made by the user and proposes it the next time the program starts.
[/li][li]Works with most hardware- and software DVD players
[/li][li]Writes on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW
[/li][*]Very easy to use[/ul]