CloneDVD Feature Req



Olli, I don’t usually ask for new features but I have one request that might be useful for people. When you select a movie only copy without preserving menus, often times if you keep the subtitles they are turned on by default. This is usually caused by the fact that when you start the movie from the menu, it shuts them off by default, but, when you remove the menu it removes the command that turn them off. How difficult would it be to add an advance option to turn the subtitles on or off by default? I’ve not looked into what it would take to add that kind of a command to the beginning of the movie stream, but, I imagine it wouldn’t be TOO difficult for someone who understands DVD structures. Anyway, thanks for listening.


You are not the only one requesting this. I want this feature as well, which will usually cause it to be implemented sooner or later.


Thank you. If it had that feature there would never be a need for me to ever use anything else. I don’t usually keep the subs for this reason…I find it annoying to have to turn them off. But, being able to keep them without being annoyed would be awesome. I love developers who listen to their customers. :slight_smile: I also love it when the developer wants the same features I do. GRIN :smiley: