CloneDVD FAQ? Huh?

[B]Some of the questions and answers in the CloneDVD FAQ thread make little or NO sense. :confused:

The first one is this Q&A:[/B]

Q …just wondered how Clone DVD handles Dual layer DVDs? Does it just copy the movie as is, leaving the slight pause in, or does it remove the layer skip?

A Actually, I don’t know for sure, but I believe at the moment Clone DVD doesn’t touch the layer break. :disagree:

In my CloneDVD when I copy DL DVD movies to HD I get the message “successfully removed layer break”. What does “at the moment mean”, does it change like the weather? :cool:

The next one is:

Q Can Clone DVD copy copy-protected (CSS) DVDs?

A As of yet it cannot. BUT, there is a solution for this. You can use AnyDVD to decrypt your DVD movie on-the-fly meaning that CloneDVD will then be able to read your encrypted DVD titles!

While this answer is CLEAR to me, a little further down the page it says:

Q So how do I get my DVD onto my hard-disk?

A There are various programs available. Try DVD Decrypter, PayPal some $ to LIGHTENING UK! and enjoy. Don’t forget that Clone DVD needs all the .IFO files. :disagree: :o

Why wouldn’t you answer this by saying, IF YOU’RE USING ANYDVD, just copy it to your HD like any other files, being like a driver it makes copying virtually transparent to the user? Why start to CONFUSE the reader with DVD Decrypter?

Then finally there’s this:

Q Does Clone DVD “clone” an original DVD?

A No, and neither should it for some very good reasons:
An original DVD often contains much, much more data than a 4.377 GB recordable (or 4.7 GB if you prefer billions of bytes)
There are often unwanted trailers, warnings, subtitles, audio streams that are just not useful and would take up valuable space on the recordable disc
In reality, all people want to see is the main movie, an audio track and maybe some sub-titles
Other tricks can be performed to enhance the viewing experience

[B]That question makes no sense the way it’s worded and the answer is even dumber.

In any case, here’s my problem. :frowning: I use ANYDVD and CloneDVD to backup my DVD collection and put the backups, with the menus, trailers and sub-titles removed, so that when played the movie starts right off, on my HD

I NEVER allow any movie to be transcoded becaise since I use a front projector on a large screen, I don’t want ANY reduction in picture quality. If after removing all the junk, the movie is STILL more than 4.7GB, I burn it onto a DL DVD. I use a Pioneer 110D burner with Ritek DVD+R DL disks using Nero Burning ROM 7. While most are fine with no problems, sometimes I get verify errors, which I had assumed were caused by the disks.

I recenly began to notice that even when a disk verified fine, it would hang at the layer change point on a few different DVD players. I recently discovered that many of the disks that would hang going into the second layer, played FINE on my Sony 995 juke box. Even when a disk doesn’t verify, it will ALLWAYS play back on any player, up until the end of the first layer.

Besides Nero 7, I’ve tried using CloneDVD as well as other burning software, but the results are the same. I believe it has something to do with the way CloneDVD handles the layer break after unwanted titles are removed.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?[/B]

Your assumption is correct. That is the worst possible media you can get. Do yourself a favor and get Verbatim DVD+R DL discs and your problem will go away. This issue has nothing at all to do with CloneDVD. It removes the layerbreak information when ripping and Nero places a new one when burning. However, the quality of the media makes ALL the difference in playback. Never once have I had an issue with the Verbatims.

I don’t understand why the problem only happens on the second layer and NEVER the first. When it comes to burning single layer DVDs, I’ve NEVER had any coasters in over 300 burns and no matter what brand disk I’ve used. I always burn them at half their “rated” speed to avoid drive/disk quarks. On the Pioneer 110D drives, I’m using 1.41 firmware.

You’re comparing apples to oranges. The only +DL discs, at present, worth using is Verbatim. (IMO)

Thats great advice Bilbo65, I had to learn the hard way. I have a bunch of Verb MKM001 and MKM003 that I save for special movies on the big screen, never had a coaster yet.:clap:

You might be right since I’ve never used Verbatim DL discs.

That said, I’ve had batches of 100 Ritek discs that were virtually all good. However, I got 3 - 25 disc cakeboxes of Ritek +DL white printable discs and nearly half were coasters because they would hang on the second layer when playing them back. Yet, many of them played fine in my Sony CV-995 jukebox.

You were lucky, IMO, if you got even remotely useful burns on any Ritek media. It’s the absolute worst media I’ve ever seen. Please take our advice and pick up a couple Verbatim discs and try with those. If they work, get those from now on. I’ve not had one problem with the Verbatims.

I just ordered 100 Verbatim discs to try out. :slight_smile:

It appears you don’t like Ritek. :bigsmile: Ritek is on Pioneers list of approved media. :confused:

No, I’m really not a big fan of Ritek. Have had nothing but problems with them and if you search this forum, you will find they are probably the least favorite brand. Verbatim is highly regarded, especially when it comes to DL discs. I think you’ll be happy. As for Pioneer’s approved media list…yea, that doesn’t mean much in the real world. :slight_smile:

FYI I belived that Sony DL is also Ritek. Sony DL 25pack is $59.99 and Verbatim DL is $49.99 @ BestBuy,just because it says Sony so they can charge consumer $10 more? I used to burn DL media with CloneDVD2 and I had problem @ layerbreak. Now I’m using Imgburn to burn DL media.

I would DEFINITELY agree with using IMGBurn to burn any and all media. :slight_smile: It’s a great freeware app.