CloneDVD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows

Hi All,
Just downloaded Clone DVd 5.02 and DVDIdle Pro. when I click on shortcut to DVD Clone I get the message “CloneDVD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows…”
anyone know why this would be happening?
I click on the free trial tab first then the warning comes up…


Which Clone DVD? Dont tell me theres more than two:) Elby’s is v2.7.5.1 and Clone is v3.0.2.5. If your using Elbys, your better off either using Any DVD as your decryption driver, or ripping with DVD Decrypter. Either way sounds like a conflict of the two.

sorry my mistake, Elby’s Clone dvd version and dvdIdle 5.82

Try downloading the Any DVD Trial from here, and use that instead of DVD Idle Pro.

ok, anydvd looks good, thanks. Now how do I get clonedvd to select anydvd and not dvdidle?

You don’t have to. Once you have AnyDVD installed and running, any DVD you insert into your drive(s) will appear as non-CSS protected to your application(s) and thus, CloneDVD (from Elby) will be able to handle your DVD discs. If you still get an error message that CloneDVD.exe has encountered errors try redownloading it from

Thanks for your replies, it looks like it is a compatability problem with 2K Pro. I loaded the same 2 programs on another machine running XP and they worked fine…weird one.

are you running service pack 4 on W2k?

no, not running SP4…