cloneDVD error



okay heres the problem, everytime i start clone dvd this error pops up, clonedvd.exe application error, the instruction at 000240883 referenced memory at 0100022c6, the memory could not be written. does anybody know why, and know how to fixed it? thanks


I haven’t seen this error before but that’s not to say you’re the only one. Burning/reading software that talks to hardware depends on a stable system. Could it be that a device driver is corrupt? Bad memory? Are all your drivers up to date? Chipset, video and sound?


well i have windows 2000 with the service pack 4 installed, a epox motherboard, intel p. 4, 2.4 gig, 256 of rambus rimm memory, all of my other programs are working fine, do you think it could be another program that i installed that screwed clonedvd up?


I’ve had memory access problems before. Which brand of memory do you have?? That cheap stuff usually has flaws (replaced mine with Mushkin = no problems ever since).

Try uninstalling, rebooting, installing, and then rebooting CloneDVD (just in case…nothing to lose). Try running CDVD again - if you get the blue screen, reboot and close other program processes in the Task Manager. Let me know what happens.


well i already tryed reinstalling it about 3 times and nothing new has happen, still didnt work and what processes do i close in the task manager?