CloneDVD error



Just tried to copy Billy Elliot (UK) and was presented with the following.

Currently using CloneDVD2 + AnyDVD on WinXP SP1.

I have never had seen this problem, and I have burned a fair few films. Does this message ring any bells with anyone?


Try to delete the CSS Key archive in AnyDVD and try again. Make sure, you have specified a correct media size (DVD5) in CloneDVD title selection window.


Thanks for the tips Olli but unfortunitly it did not work. :sad: I deleted the CSS archive and double checked CloneDVD was set to DVD5, but It gives me the same message. Just for your information I thought I would post the following, it may help you see what the problem is ?


anyone ? :sad:


Getting annoyed now. Not even the latest DVD Shrink + DVD decrypter can copy this. I just get a flashing CP logo, then a green screen on the prview window. :confused:


Pretty sure this is a new kind of protection that hasnt been spotted yet. DVD shrink works with all my other DVD’s, but when I try this DVD all I get is a green screen followed by CP logo. :a


Is this the “normal” Billy Elliot, or the two disc special edition (to be released May 9, 2005)?
The “normal” Billy Elliot is from 2003, I doubt there were many DVD movie protections (except CSS) around…


Its the normal one, purchased over a year ago. I agree with you, there shouldnt be nothing to bad on there, but im telling ya I have backed up over 200 films and upto now I have never had a problem. I know its not my burner as I just this minute finished backing up Resident Evil 1.


I came across the same error with Only Fools & Horses - All the Best Vol 2 (2004).
Likewise this is the first disc i’ve have a problem with. If i get anywhere with it i’ll let you know.


I think I fixed it…

i had to format today and I just tried to copy it again and it worked a treat. :bigsmile:


Hello guys, this is my problem with XMEN THE MOVIE and try to clear all css key in anydvd progr, and restart the computer. Good luck for all. I my case this problem is over.