CloneDVD Error While Trying to Copy

Hi there. I just purchased “CLICK” and am trying to make a backup copy (my kids tend to destroy these, always need backups). I’m using CloneDVD2 version along with DVD43 version 3.9.0. I’ve had a few problems in the past with “invald block start” messages, but now I’m getting a “Unexpected Error CloneMap 2 TCE” error message the minute I hit GO to read the movie. I’m also trying to make a backup of another original movie and keep getting the same error - so it’s just not this one movie.

Any suggestions? Does anyone know what this error message means? Never got this one before. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Try downloading AnyDVD. Like CloneDVD2, it has a 21 day trial period. This combination worked for my backup of Click.

P. S. There is a newer version of CloneDVD2.

There is a newer version of CloneDVD. Also, I don’t believe DVD43 is updated as much (or anymore for the newer protections?). If you want to stay free, try DVDfabDecrypter.

ANYdvd is a great deal if you already have CloneDVD as it is constantly updated and worth the $$$s. Another free option would be to try dvddecrypter with ripit4me to handle the protection and then use CloneDVD.

Also, if you want to stay with freeware, you could use ripit4me and then run it through CloneDVD2. That is what I do when I have a problem with a DVD while using AnyDVD.

That is what I said in my 2nd paragraph. :slight_smile:

Try downloading the latest version of AnyDVD ( they do have a 21 day free trial) and see if this is the problem, it should work just fine. DVD 3.9.0 just has CSS removal, nothing else, so try AnyDVD first. Then you will know if it is an encryption problem.

must have skipped right over that paragraph, goober.

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