CloneDVD Error When doing backup with menus

Ok, I’ve never seen this error before. I’m using AnyDVD( and CloneDVD( and this is happening on Final Destination 3 R1. The copy on my hard drive seems to work ok, but, I just found this error disconcerting.

I got that same message. Play back plays for a while, then white blank pages pop up as if they were inserted into the movie. Hard drive plays back good up until certain parts of the movie.
Hopefully, sly will have a quick fix for this DVD movie and we get the upgrade very soon…

Fascinating. Does it only happen on this movie?

I had the same problem with my store-bought that you had with yours. I then tried AnyDVD and DVD Shrink. I didn’t see an error (doesn’t mean much) but there were [U]large[/U] size differences in two of the VOBS - one was the studio bumper - small loss. The other was the final VOB in the movie.

I did a quick visual scan of the DVD Shrink backup of the Theatrical Version paying particular attention to the final VOB and it all looked fine (but now the ending is spoiled for me :sad: )

Maybe when I watch it realtime I’ll see the white flash errors that daveg_10 is seeing. Or maybe not.


Maybe it is that one movie, and maybe it’s due to some kind of new copy protection AnyDVD doesn’t account for yet. I’ve done soooooo many movies and never had trouble with menus giving me an error message. Of course, a possible work around is to set the initial dialog option box to “jump straight to movie” in AnyDVD and also to uncheck “preserve menus” in CloneDVD2. I’ve done a few this way to save space and reduce compression %, and it will put each title one right after the other, and you can still access the menus and displays from your remote control to the DVD player

Well, this is not going well. Have tried 3 different ways with this 1 movie and I get the white flashes perioically throughout the movie. It must be some kind of new copy protection AnyDVD has yet to account for being such a new release. This is the first time I have ever seen this error message in the 300 movies I’ve done in the last 18 months.
Wait for an update I guess from Sly.
Keep us updated Robert as to using DVDShrink. I am using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2

Just speculating: This DVD has two versions of the film interleaved throughout the VOBS as a separate “angle”. Maybe the white flashes occur when the player skips to the next segment; perhaps something in the way it was mastered is confusing CloneDVD2.

I didn’t see any of that while perusing the HD copy with Power DVD.

I just burned my backup to a DL and will watch it later this evening (instead of my original) and let you know the results.

You might try giving DVD Shrink a try (with AnyDVD as the filter). I didn’t try it without AnyDVD.


I’m trying a straight CloneCD/AnyDVD to DL disc backup now. We’ll see how THAT goes. If that fails, I’m going to mess around with other backup methods and see what I can come up with.

This sounds like a user error. I assume this title has multiple angles - have you selected the correct viewing angle(s) during playback?
Did you deselect angles in the title selection? If you did, select all angles and try again.

If it plays back fine from harddisk, all should be fine. No need to worry.

I haven’t watched it (fully) yet. It’ll probably be tomorrow before I can watch the whole thing. I’ll report back when I get a chance.

P.S. I DID select ALL angles in my backup just for the record. :slight_smile:

this film supposedly has a “choose your own” type of format to it. I don’t have this film, but it could be the format itself that is giving clonedvd2 trouble.

although, if the original palys on a dvd palyer then it shouldn’t be a problem…regardless, if this IS the culprit, a cloneCD copy should do the trick.

if all else files, send the IFOs to slysoft.

My copy made with DVD Shrink (full copy; no compression and burned to a DL) worked just fine (no white pages), with one peculiarity: The “angle” notification popped up even in the theatrical version - something that didn’t happen in my original pressed disc. Perhaps it was the removal of the PUOPS during the copy that caused it to be displayed. I’ll try another copy and leave the PUOPS in place.

If all else fails, I imagine burning a copy without the second angles will take care of it.


and you used shrink to decrypt? or something else?

I’ve done it twice - AnyDVD to decrypt into DVD Shrink – this was the one I reported on in the message you quoted.

I’ve done a separate one - DVD Shrink only and set to leave the PUOPs alone in an effort to get rid of the angle indicator that pops up on my TV screen when playing it on my OPPO 970. I haven’t tested that yet. Perhaps tonight.


I have watched my backup of this movie twice, I used the "All Titles and menus and it came out fine, the only difference is that I used AnyDVD and DVD Idle running together in the background.

My CloneCD copy came out fine. I haven’t had time to look at the CloneDVD copy I made to see if that works, as well. But CloneCD DL backup worked great. Freaky movie!! I really liked it. :slight_smile: