CloneDVD Doesnt recognize my burner

Im having a bit of a problem figuring this out. My D drive is my dvd drive & my E drive is my cd drive. I get through the first part of reading and copying the dvd to the hdd, but when it asks where to send the output to, there is only the option for the E drive. I dont know why it wont let me select the d drive for output.

I suppose i could burn an image then use nero to burn to a dvd, but Im not sure I want to pay $ for a program that requires me to use a seperate program to finish.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:
Jason what DVDRW do you have
I’m using a combo of Plextor 716, NEC 3540 & 2 BenQ 1640’s
I have not experienced any problems as yet

@ jasonk,

Perchance have you ensured that you DVD Burner has the most up to date firmware installed. DVD Burner firmware is the primary the means that a DVD device is recognized by the operating system.

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CloneDVD2 will burn an image as well - however that doesn’t answer your question of why CloneDVD2 doesn’t see your burner. What is the model of the DVD burner you are using, and firmware revision?

Sorry bjkg - must have just posted before me!!