CloneDVD: Deselect audio stream – same compression?

In CloneDVD I want to back up two video streams from a movie. The quality meter shows 95%. When I click next I decide to uncheck a French audio stream, which is 500MB (I saw the size in DVD shrink). After that CloneDVD should not need to compress the Video Stream any longer. However if I go back one step the quality meter still shows 95%. Perhaps the meter is not updated. My question is, does CloneDVD reduce the compression when you deselect an audio stream? If yes is there any way you can tell the new quality level?

Thanks in advance.

CloneDVD does reduce compression when audio tracks are dropped. The next release will properly update the compression bar to reflect this.


are some movies compressed to a totaly 4GB DVDR ?? I allmost never get them bigger then 4GB … (between 3.5 and 3.9)

I’m just wondering

Most newer DVD’s these days are DVD9’s (2 layers) which usually range from 7 to 9 gig in size. Those dvd’s must be re-encoded (compressed, titles removed, ect.) for it to fit on a dvdr.

The dvd’s you are talking about are DVD5’s (single layer dvds) which are 4.7 gig or less. Those can be copied directly to a dvdr assuming your using something like anydvd to decrypt the disk on the fly.

If your talking about a dvd you have already compressed re-encoded thats less then 4 gig then sorry about explaining something you already know.

Hope this helps


Nope, I actually am speaking about DVD-9 ! :slight_smile: cause the originals one are all between 5.4 and 7 gigs …

Originally posted by BiTeMeNoW
Nope, I actually am speaking about DVD-9 ! :slight_smile: cause the originals one are all between 5.4 and 7 gigs …

If you only copy the main movie, it is very well possible, that the result will be below 4.3 GB, especially if you left out some audio tracks.
CloneDVD does not make it bigger, if the main movie is only 3.9 GB…

Hi Olli, (do you leave in Switzerland? I do :D)

I’am sure it was not a fully buckup. I always keep menüs main movie and 1 up to 2 languages and subtitles.

I must have a look on which movies this was the case so I can report to you.