CloneDVD Copying Problems



I am using the latest version of Clonedvd 3.9.1. When copying some DVD’s i am getting the following error message

“Failed to copy DVD-Video, please clean the source disc or close some other program” error message.

I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D. Anyone know why this happens? Some dvds copy fine with no problems.

Thanks In Advance.


You are using the “wrong” CloneDVD. Try this one (together with AnyDVD


How come that some DVD copy fine with no problems. Can i ask what is so good about these above programs. The clonedvd i use does everything and you dont need to use anydvd as well to remove the protection?


Obviously you do need it to remove the protection of most recent titles.


Continue to use your “ripoff” version of CloneDVD and you will only have more problems. This forum discusses only the Clone DVD2 from Elby/SlySoft…


Maybe you’ve some media problems, but agree with the others the clone of clonedvd isn’t a very good piece of app.