CloneDVD computer shuts down halfway



I appreciate any and all help…

I have been using clone dvd2 all updated for a year now and have never gotten this problem until 1 month ago. I decrypt the dvd using another program (dvd decrypter) DVD FAB which doesn’t give any problems and I save it to hard drive and/or external hard drive. Then I burn it with clone dvd. it shuts down during the proces before writing the cd. about half way through encrypting, my computer shuts down… No beeps no warning, nothing. I cleaned all my fans and checked connections to the motherboard… I also thought it was a virus so I reformatted and it still shuts off …What do you think it is?


welcome to cd freaks :slight_smile:

is it only doing this when clonedvd is installed?

try uninstalling clonedvd and see if it’s still shutting down on you