CloneDVD compression quality vs. Shrink/Recode?

Thanks for the URLs–I haven’t had time yet to thoroughly explore the Slysoft site, but I’ll take a look soon, time permitting.

Yes, I do still plan to run the trial versions, as I said in the previous post you quoted. I haven’t yet had time to install and play w/them; they have, as you pointed out, a 21-day trial period. As I have a lot on my plate currently, and very much wish I had the time to try out the programs tonight, I just don’t. I didn’t want to install them, then get tied up w/other tasks, and find that my 21 days had dribbled away, w/out me getting a chance to even fire them up!

While I understand your position, and am getting the feeling I am trying your patience, I also ask that you try to understand my learning process. Maybe it doesn’t go over so well here, but I yam what I yam (as Popeye said). :wink: I guess you could call me the cautious type: when I learn something new, I try to gather as much info on it as I can.

However, I am also doing other things, while I am asking you guys questions. For example, I have gone to the Elby website and read the entire CloneDVD manual that they have there, to get a sense of how the program works. In that same section of my post that you quoted, I also mentioned that I have a lot of VOB-related programs on my system already, and the questions I am asking are, in part, to answer “will these two programs provide me additional benefits, w/out hosing up my system”. :wink: From asking my initial questions, I have found out that AnyDVD and CloneDVD are considered quite stable, so that answered that question.

But in asking, and in reading other posts, I have also learned that AnyDVD can, on some systems, be a bit cranky when it comes to the reg key (should I decide to buy it). Knowing this ahead of time, and knowing what people have done to solve the issue, helps me understand the workings of the program(s) better–again, part of my process. Also a time-saver, in case I run into the same issue.

In asking, I have also learned that CloneDVD can do many things quite well, but differently than Shrink. W/my limited time available to “play”, I might not have found that out in the 21 days. I know 3 weeks sounds like a long time, but trust me, I’ve installed trialware before, and had it run out before I ever got the chance to look at it. Because AnyDVD and CloneDVD sound like very special programs (“special”, as in valuable, and well-loved), I wanted to give them a fair shake, which for me means learning as much about them up front as I can. And then, when I have 10 hours or so that I can devote to them, I can give them the workout you have been suggesting… And, I would have an armload of valuable info that all you folks have kindly provided me.

I know I can be persistent, which I hope ultimately has not offended you, bjkg. And I know I can be wordy. That’s my process; that’s how I learn. I crave details. I realize that’s boring to a lot of people, esp to those who just like to jump into the deep end of the pool feet-first. Sometimes I do that, but most of the time I like to know what to expect. Esp when my system is already pretty well loaded, and I need to be picky about what goes on it!

So anyway, I’ll try to carve out some time to look at the programs, and post back after then. But in going back to the question I asked that started this thread, I was asking what other people thought about the compression strategies of CloneDVD vs. Shrink. Yes, when I install them and burn some disks, I can see what I think, but most of you have used the program far longer than the 21 days that I’ll have to evaluate, and I was interested in your opinions. I thought, perhaps erroneously, that asking your opinions–on this particular issue–was irrelevant to whether I have already gotten the programs installed. I did say “while I’m making my own tests and coming to my own conclusions, what are you all finding?” IOW, it’s info-gathering on my part–forewarned is forearmed, so to speak.

If I had said, “I used CloneDVD to burn a disk at 60% compression, and saw some artifacting–does this happen to you all at this compression level?”, would that have made my question more valid? From your reply, I guess that it would, but for me, asking first might save me from making a time-consuming mistake, plus give me the benefit of someone else’s greater experience.

I sort of saw it similar to asking a hardware question, like, “I have a BenQ 1620 and want to upgrade maybe to the 1640. Does anybody w/this drive think it’s worth the upgrade?” And then I might get into people’s personal experiences and feelings about that particular drive. I probably wouldn’t go out and get the drive first, then ask. That’s sort of what I was doing here. Yes, I realize buying a piece of hardware is different from using trialware that doesn’t cost anything, but that’s not what I mean. I’m coming at it more from the standpoint of, if I take the time to install these programs, will they add more to my hobby than I already have? Do they do things the programs I already have don’t do? And finally, do these programs install and uninstall cleanly on a variety of systems?

From asking my own questions, and reading the posts of others here, I’ve already learned a tremendous amount about the programs. Now, when I do finally get the time to look at them, I will have a much better idea what to expect from them, as well as their limitations. I wouldn’t have known all that, if I hadn’t asked. Think of these as “pre-sales” questions. :bigsmile:

@ HLMencken,

You keep on asking questions about AnyDVD and CloneDVD that can easily be answered by you yourself if you simply took the time and effort to actually use these programs.

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Give up! you are wasting your time.

every one has there own pref…
but honestly I’ve used all the proggies but none of them compare to the speed and reliability of any+clonedvd. Some1 recently put me on to this combo and it is really amazing. I would recommend this combo to anyone from the least to the most (knowledge base-wise). As a matter a fact I used it last night. Great programs.

My simple philosophy is this: If it’s 85% (non-action flick) - 90% (action) or above, then use either. Anything requiring more compression than that suffers regardless of whether you use CloneDVD or Shrink. In that case use DVD-Rebuilder. Slow, requires several other apps, but you can back up virtually any dvd with awesome quality.