Clonedvd / Clonedvd2



I have several versions of demo on my computer to demo.
I am not sure if they are all the same thing from same company.

  1. CLONEDVD v -

Are these the same products?

If not, which one is better? Which version are we all talking about on this forum?



No, these are two different software applications from two entirely different companies. In my opinion, there is only one CloneDVD and that’s Olli’s!

elby’s CloneDVD (line item 2), currently version, is the program that we are discussing in this forum.



So I will go ahead and get this version instead.
Along with the other software you guys are mentionin to rip DVD to DVD-R.


Download the free trial of Anydvd & try it with clonedvd, it’s a good combo.


It’s not a good combo - it’s a Great combo :smiley:


Im giving it a Fantastic Combo:)


it is a functional combo