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I have just switched from DVD Shrink to CloneDVD to try it out and so far I am not having any luck. All I want to do is copy the DVD then burn it to a black disc. When I used the other program all I had to do is set it and walk away while it was encoding. When it was done a window appeared and all I had to do is insert the blank disk. It couldn’t have been any easier.

With CloneDVD I have no idea how to get it to burn once I set my target to a hard disc folder. Once it’s done copying to my harddrive what do I do next??? I do have Nero if this helps.


Once you have all files in a folder and clonedvd end its work, simply burn these files on a disc.

With nero simply select new compilation --> dvd video

Then drag&drop all files in the video_ts folder of the compilation, and burn the disc.

Alternatively, create an ISO file with clonedvd, and then burn ISO file with imgburn


Set the target to a blank disc instead… :slight_smile:
And make sure that you use the “right” CloneDVD from


why are you copying it to your hard disk if you’d rather just set it then walk away?

rather than selecting the “copy to hard disk” option, just choose the “dvd burner” option.

this is NOT considered on the fly as the program writes the transcoded files to the hard disk ANYWAY and THEN burns the disc.

insert the blank disc ahead of time, make all of your audio/titleset selections, then on the last screen select burn to dvd. select the dvd writer and choose the speed then click “go”

when you come back you won’t even be asked to insert a disc (if you had already inserted one ahead of time…it will simply be done.

if you already have files on your hard drive that you’d like ot burn, use the third option on the front page of clonedvd2 (burn existing data) then select the folder and burn it to disc. the first way is the simple way though…you add an extra step by saving to hard disk then coming back and burning.


@ Kiababe,

If would be extremely helpful if you reviewed the CloneDVD User Manual that is easily accessed by clicking on the “Help” Icon located on the top right hand corner of CloneDVD Screen. This CloneDVD User Manual is very informative and provides detailed information on the use of the CloneDVD software program.

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