CloneDVD Burning - does it burn the FULL disc?

I use the latest version of CloneDVD. However, recently I have been using Nero’s Copy DVD to burn all my DVD’s onto a Memorex DVD+R DL disc. I primarily copy the whole disc. I notice that most DVD’s are between 7GB-8GB. When using CloneDVD, the size of the actual DVD never comes out right. It will copy the full disc, but never be the actual size of what the DVD was. For an example, if a DVD is 7.80 GB and I chose every titleset and audio option and burned with Clone DVD and after it burned I would check the size of DVD+R DL disc. The size would be 6.90 GB or something like that. Its considerably less than the actual DVD. Why is this?

DJ Matt -

To avoid any confusion when making Forum postings provide the Name and Version of the Software Program(s) used. Suggest reviewing this Forum Announcements posting (

A Forum search will reveal that knowledgeable informed Members avoid the use of Memorex Media and especially Memorex DL Media because of the well-documented consistently poor performance of this problematic Media. As of this time/date Verbatim DL Media is the only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results. When not using DL Media to obtain consistent quality error free results use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden Media.

If you desire when using CloneDVD to copy the full entire complete Movie use “CloneDVD” (Clone A DVD Including All Titles And Menus) and under “Target Size” use DVD +/- R DL. This copies the full entire complete Movie. When the “Quality Bar” displays 100% CloneDVD is not transcoding compressing and conversely when the “Quality Bar” reveals anything below 100% CloneDVD is transcoding compressing.

Suggest reviewing the CloneDVD User Manual, which is easily accessed by clicking on the “Help” icon located on the top right hand corner of CloneDVD. Also the AnyDVD/CloneDVD User Tutorial provides detailed information on the use of AnyDVD/CloneDVD software combination ->


Belooken is right, please give us more information on exactly what Version you have. The reasons could be many, have you checked that you have DVD9 selected if you are using DL discs?

I use CloneDVD version I am not referring to clonedvdnet or whatever the other one is. The CloneDVD I have is from Slysoft. I also have the DL option checked in the CloneDVD program. When I use the Nero Copy DVD function, it burns the exact file size from the actual DVD and I have never experienced any erroes. I am also surprised to hear that Memorex DL discs are poor. I have not experienced any problems with these discs. They have been great for me thus far. I just do not use CloneDVD anymore as it does not burn the exact file size from the retail DVD. Nero, however, does this. Thanks for the help. I just am puzzled with the reply about the Memorex discs. What are so bad about them exactly?

CloneDVD does not copy web-interactive features, sample DVD-ROM games, internet links, Jacket jpegs etc etc. It only copies true video titles.

AnyDVD changes the structure of purposely false titlesets and other copy protection measures so you are able to get a backup.

Both of these things contribute to your getting a lower size readout on your backup vs what the original properties size readout displays

If you want 1:1 exact backups (excluding copy protection elements) you have to use CloneCD which was made to produce exact mirrors of your original. CloneDVD is a transcoder which means it’s purpose is to provide the ability to customize/change your backups.


That makes sense. I was kind of thinking thats what it does. Is using Nero’s Copy DVD function a good route to go then? Because I have noticed just a DVD with video files (no jacket folder or rom features) and it still comes short of size on the burned DVD from the retail disc using CloneDVD. Sorry if I sound confusing.

DJ Matt -

Just because a Burned DVD appears to play properly in any particular DVD playback device is not a true indicator of the quality of data Burned to the DVD disk.

A true indicator of the quality of data Burned to DVD disk is to use a diagnostic software utility software program similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed ( If you are unaware of how to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to perform a Disk Quality Scan suggest reviewing the Nero CD-DVD Speed User Guide ( and note #15 Base Test: Disc Quality/ #16 Base Test: Scan Disc. I believe if you conducted these test on your Burned Memorex DL Media you will find that the quality of the data Burned on these disk is less than desirable.

If you desire a 1:1 clone copy of your Commercial DVD Movie Titles the AnyDVD/CloneCD (yes CloneCD) software combination produces the closest 1:1 cloning copying available. CloneCD can be obtained from SlySoft (


I tried doing the scan test, but it says my drive does not support the feature. I appreciate all the help. It looks pretty good when I play it back on my DVD player though on my 40 inch LCD HDTV and thats a regular DVD player, not a progressive scan or up convert. I will get the Verbatim discs next time around and see how they work though.