CloneDVD Big problem

My problem is on several movies clonedvd reads up to 98% and stops and locks up my system, I have to crash out,

Any ideas :bow:

Snoop357 -

To prevent any confusion state the Name(s) and Version Number(s) of the software program(s) you are using to make backup copies of your Commercial DVD Movies.

Provide the Name and Region of the Commercial DVD Movie(s) you are having difficulty with.

What type (Name/Model) of computer DVD devise(s) are you using. Are these device(s) Internal or External devise(s)?

State specifically if your “reads up to 98% and stops and locks up my system” problem is actually a “Reading/Copying” the DVD data problem or a “Burning/Writing” the DVD data to blank DVD Media problem. Explain in detail exactly what your problem is.

If you are receiving any Error Code(s) or Error Notification Narrative(s) provide the exact complete Error information you are receiving.


Please read this before posting. We would love to help you but we need to know what program you are using?