CLoneDVD Audio & Subtitle Question

I tried the trial for both Clone DVD and Any DVD and it worked great - no problems at all. Once the trial ran out, I purchased the software directly from SlySoft (Clone DVD2 and Any DVD). Now when I try to burn a movie, the first part (title configuration) seems to be running fine. When that is finished and I go to the next screen (audio & subtitle settings) it is not doing anything. When I was using the trial, this part would automatically run and the quality bar at the bottom of the screen would show it was doing something. Now it is just not doing anything. The quality bar remains blank and it is obviously not doing anything. Is there a setting I need to change? Do I need to reload the software? Any suggestions? I am using Windows XP.


I just noticed that when I run the title configuration,the quality bar remains empty on this page as well. So I don’t think the program is working right at all. Should I remove it all and re-install? I just don’t get it. It worked fine during the trial :sad:

That would probably be a “first” thing to try…