CloneDVD Audio Problem!



I wanted to make a dvd backup for one from my collection. There is 4 audio channels and 5 subtitles, under “Title 1 stream configuration”. I clicked on the first audio which i know it is English and all 5 subtitles.Under the “Stream perference” I click all of it.

When i play my dvd on my apex dvd player, there is 4/4 audio and 5/5 subtitles. One the 1/4 (english) have sounds and the other 3 is just mute.

Can anyone tell me how i can make my backup only to 1/1 audio?

Thankz for you time.



Steam preferences :

Audio channels : 6 channels
Audio encoding : Dolby AC-3
Subtitle languages : English/Chinese ( if needed )


Are those the ones that i should click or not?
Can I select both dts and doby?
Can you explain more about the Audio Channels, those are the one’s that i am confused with.




Yes, those are the desired for you settings in Stream preferences.
Of course, you CAN choose DTS as well,
but it takes much space and is not needed, unless your receiver/player has an build-in DTS decoder.


If I clicked the 6 channel under “Title 1 stream configuration”, all of the audios will be slected. At that point can I go back to “Title 1 stream configuration” and click out the ones that i dont need.

If by doing that will my dvd player read the 1/1 audio which i picked or 1/4 (3 on Mute) which i have click the 6 channel?


You’ve already been told where to check what.

As for the “Title 1 stream configuration”,
pls refer to the Audio and Subtitle Settings in
CloneDVD 2 Using the Application

On the left hand side you will find all the settings of each of your selected title/s.
Please choose in the upper left window the title where you want to make a selection.
The corresponding language and subtitle settings will be shown in the left bottom window.
Each title has different settings.
Depending on the selection of your preferences on the right hand side,
the settings on the left hand side will be tailored to suit

Pls use DVDRW media to find out by yourself which setting works for you best.