CloneDVD appears to be burning normally and then rejects my blank media

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum. As I’m sure is the case with some other members, I found my way here because I’m having problems copying movies.

DVD Burner:

Memorex DLRWL16 D2-15


AnyDVD + CloneDVD 2

CloneDVD appears to be burning normally and then rejects my blank media saying there’s a problem with the disc. I’ve already trashed a box full of blank discs trying to figure out the problem on my own to no avail. Please tell me which sub-forum I should use first.


Welcome to the forum

What media are you using?

Maxell DVD-R (I tried the memorex DVD+R that came with the drive…same problem).

Your burner eject the disc after finishing burning or don’t burn it at all?

Can you try another software to burn? For example dvd decrypter? If you create an ISO image with cloneDVD on hard disc, then you can burn the ISO with decrypter or with cd-dvd speed.

The burner ejects the disc after partially burning it.

I could try the Nero 6 program that came with the drive. The only reason I haven’t is because I payed for CloneDVD and I was hoping to get it working (silly reason, I know). Should I try the Nero 6 program or should I skip it and try the programs you mentioned?

It’s a your choice. dvd decrypter and cd-dvd speed are free, whereas nero no; before to install nero try decrypter (in my opinion better than cd-dvd speed).

I suggest you to use clonedvd only to do ISO files, but don’t use it to burn. It’s only my personal opinion, but I prefer decrypter or nero to burn my discs.

I can report I have had no problems using the AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 combination to burn movies. The problem you are reporting normally occurs when your burner doesn’t like the media you are using.

I would also make sure that your DVD burner has the lastest firmware installed.

To find out what media you are using download something like DVDInfo Pro or VSO Inspector.

There is also a CloneDVD2 forum, where a mod might kindly move your post to.

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Looks like you get the prize, abrown15! Turns out it WAS the media. I just bought some of the more expensive DVD+RW discs and they seem to work just fine.

Anyways, Thank you, abrown15 and geno888 for taking the time to answer my call for help. It’s very much appreciated. :cool:

Not a problem - glad I was able to help!! If you do run into any other problems using AnyDVD or CloneDVD2, they have their own forums on here - and normally most problems get sorted pretty quickly.

Ditto :slight_smile: