Clonedvd / anydvd

I am new to using this software and keep getting a message saying WriteDVD 14 W2 this source writer is not capable of writing data as requested. I have the programs installed on my D: drive with 60 gig of open space. The clone software does recognize my sony dvd writer as F: drive but not the E: drive as the reader with the origional dvd in it. I have a dell with 1.8 ghz 512 mb memmory and 40 gig C; dive that is full and 120gig D:
I started with the origional disk in the F: drive (dvd reader) blank in the E: drive (sony dvd writer) At the Title configuration page I select only title 01 which is the complete movie of CASTAWAY and no other extras…
If anyone can help point me in the right direction it would be great. If I have missed any info that would help explaine this let me know.

Make sure AnyDVD is running in the background. Put the original DVD in the DVD writer and select the appropriate title and sound. When you’re at the burn screen, CloneDVD will suggest that you write the transcoded data to the largest empty partition under the CloneDVDTemp\VIDEO_TS folder. Now start the program. After writing the data to the hard drive, CloneDVD will ask you to insert a blank DVD. Do so and the burn will start.

I would suggest that you initially select the 4x burn speed instead of the default MAX.

I am a bit comfused, please explain.

D: is free with 60gigs of space
E: 1st part you say it’s the reader then you say it’s the writer
F: 1st part you say it’s the writer, then you say it’s the reader.

I am not sure if what I am asking makes any difference, because in the “Output Screen” CloneDVD will only have a selection of writer’s

Does your screen look similiar to the one below, just before the error?

I’am sorry for the confusion. The E: drive is the DVD reader and the F: drive is the writer. I get the error message after I hit GO! and clone reades the entire origional dvd. At the time it is to start writing to the blank it gives the error. The snapshot of the screen looks very much like what I have.