Clonedvd - Anydvd - Setup - Trailers etc

Hi, very new to the forum…

Just a question, why is it that after to install Anydvd and then select the prefrances after choosing to remove all annoying ads’s etc… when you use Clonedvd and select you movie file, you still get the option to copy the adverts and stuff?

i suggest you read the program’s help files or use the right click option in anydvd to get a sense of what they do.

anydvd has no bearing on what is and is not included in the backup. the option you’re talking about simply allows you sto SKIP over the “annoying adverts and trailers” not take them out of the backup altogether.

also, this function of anydvd does not work with all movies, and this is known. with each update this option is being improved, but with so many movies out there that are slightly different in structure I doubt this will ever be 100%.

if you don’t want the ads and trailers, then just remove them in clonedvd2 to save space and don’t worry about the setting in anydvd.

I’ve wondered about this question as well. I recently ripped a movie with dvd decrypter, shrunk using dvd shrink (didn’t remove anything from movie), and burned using imageburn. When I play the backup, it jumps right to the movie, bypassing the trailers and menu. Anyone have any idea why it bypassed the trailers and menu?

From my understanding of the above post, it doesn’t matter if the ‘Remove annoying adverts and trailers’ option is selected or not, when you backup a movie, it’ll copy everything unless you remove parts of the movie during shrinking, right? I’m confused… :frowning:

Think I posted this in the wrong forum… Sorry folks :doh:

If you have AnyDVD set to “Jump directly to Main Movie” then DVD Decrypter will read AnyDVD’s modified version of the IFO files and create the backup doing just that, jumping to the main movie.

See I thought when it said remove annoying adverts it actully rmoved them, are you just saying it sets a “SkipPiont” and just jumps to that point?

Correct. It does NOT physically remove them. Just jumps past them. You would need to use your compression app to remove them. (for trailers and extras that is; warnings and such are a little harder.)