CloneDVD & AnyDVD Problems...?



We have been using Clone and Any DVD sucessfully for the last 3yrs and never had any problems with the programs.

Recently (last 2-3 weeks), while Clone copies the movies over to the computer, it will overheat my CPU to the point where my computer will freeze. Once we figured out what was going on, we would pause the coping process to let the CPU cool down enough were we could restart the coping again. Once it started burning, we wouldn’t have a problem with the temperatures anymore.

I have wiped and restored my computer numberous times the last few days because I thought I had a virus or something. In the last few days, we started having problems with the programs freezing on the computer (all programs running, downloading or installing without Clone/AnyDVD running). I will get started on the coping process and CloneDVD will just freeze. We even went and bought the full version of XP Home thinking it may help.

Last night after my wipe and restore, my computer was fine without either of Clone DVD or AnyDVD on my computer. This morning my husband put the programs on the computer and guess what… Our programs started freezing again.

My husband thinks it’s a cooling problem. I built this computer in August '05 and we have been using it for coping movies ever since, and the computer doesn’t run hot normally. I think it’s either a problem with Clone/AnyDVD or my CPU. I am leaning towards Clone/AnyDVD since without the programs installed everything works just fine.

Anyone else having any issues with thier clone/AnyDVD doing anything similar?


No, but, your symptoms would lead me to check the cooling fan on the CPU first. CloneDVD is a CPU intensive program and if there’s an issue with the cooling fan, driving the CPU for compression (as in the case of transcoding a movie) would certainly bring that issue to light faster than say checking email or browsing the web. I’d start with the hardware.


My fan is running it’s normal 3800-4100 RPMs (I have Smart Gaurdian that tells me the temps and fan speed and I also have that information on start up). It was running at 108-113 degrees F, now it runs all the way up to 180+ when Clone DVD is running. We never checked the temps before we had problems, so I have nothing to compare. I am going to be buying a new ‘fan’. The one I have was the best they had at the time. Now I am looking into a heat tube type with 2 80mm case fans on it. Maybe… I don’t know much about the heat tube ones.

The heating/cooling doesn’t explain why all my other progams freeze up after the programs are installed (not in use, or even used - just installed). Think that could be my CPU? I know Celerons have problems to begin with and have bad reviews. I have a Intel Celeron D 340 2.93 GHz.

Thanks for your input, I appericate it.


It’s hard to say for sure what’s happening. I would start by getting the temp problem fixed first…that’s definitely not good for it! :slight_smile: If you’re still having lockup problems after that’s fixed, we can start looking at software conflicts that could cause issues such as packet writing software, DVD43, etc. But get the hardware worked out first and see if that makes a difference. I’m willing to bet it’s quite a bit of the problem.


@ reyvaughn,

Perchance have you ensured that you have a clear air ventilation path in your computer? Open the case side panel and ensure that the air ventilation path is clear of all obstructions and all wiring and cabling is neatly routed and not causing any obstructions to airflow.

Also it might be prudent to obtain a couple of cans of compressed air and gently blow out the interior computer case to remove any dust and debris that could have accumulated over time that could possibly impede proper air flow.

It might be helpful to investigate if it is possible to increase the size of the inlet ventilation fan located in the front of you computer case and the outlet ventilation fan located in the rear of the computer case. Generally most of the time only minimal size inlet and outlet fans are installed when the computer is being built and installing larger inlet and outlet cooling fans will improve the cooling airflow ventilation.

Also you could try installing Arctic Silver Thermal Paste on the CPU heat sink to improve CPU cooling.

Best Regards,


Thanks everyone.

My cables/wires are very neat and I just reapplied thermal paste on my fan 2 days ago (the stuff that came with the fan). I have to clean out my case with compressed air once a month (cats - long haired cats).

My husband did on the other hand do something that did work. He took off the side and put a box fan about 4 inches from it to help cool it down. We managed to copy 6 movies tonight, but we still had to pause the transfer/compression each movie.

So… a new CPU fan, 2 new case fans, a PCI slot fan and maybe a hard drive fan with a controller is in the works. I don’t know if my programs are freezing though, this is the first I have been back on since he put AnyDVD and CloneDVD back in. Hopefully it’s only a cooling problem - although I did have a nice new motherboard/CPU bundle picked out… LOL!


ROFL! Let’s hope you have it worked out. Good luck!


3yrs of repeated processor maxing? Hmm, I would guess your CPU is crapping out. Like a car you can only drive it at 100MPH for so long before it shows signs of it. I would only guess dispite your best effort the CPU is going out.


Are there settings in CloneDVDMobile for the Blackberry Storm?


…and then out of the blue, two and a half years later…