Clonedvd + anydvd problem



Hi everyone, I have a problems and was wondering if you guys can help…
Im running clonedvd and anydvd downloaded from slysoft. i’m trying to copy a dvd region 1 that is copy protected. running anydvd and cloneDVD On the second screen of clone dvd after “selecting DVD video files” I click next and clonedvd frezzez up!! If I disable anydvd it doesn’t freez but end up with…“This DVD is copy-protected”

what am I doing wrong??
Please help!!!


If you plan on using CloneDVD with AnyDVD you must always have AnyDVD active for CloneDVD to work. AnyDVD removes the copy protection, that is it’s purpose. If you disable it CloneDVD cannot do it’s job.

For your first movie I would suggest you try using the top button, copy DVD Titles, this will give you movie only and the best quality if it is a longer movie. When you navigate to the drive the DVD is located, just click on only the Video_Ts folder, then click OK. In the next screen you can check the preserve menu button if you like, you should see a loss of about 2 % though which is minimal.

Make sure you disable your antivirus and any other unnecesarry programs running before you use CloneDVD. If you have another program such as DVD43 that removes copy protection installed on your computer, uninstall that program, it will cause a conflict with AnyDVD, it’s like asking two people to do the same job, they both get in each others way and nothing gets done.

I would suggest you read the Help file, it is very informative and you can learn the many features CloneDVD offers. Let us know how you make out.


thanks for your time in answering my question. I tried what you said but the problem is the same, after selecting the Video_Ts folder I click Next and cloneDVD2 frezzes. what else can I do???I don’t know if this info helps but here it is anyway, I’m running win 2000 on a PIV 2.8Ghz with 512MB. ram, both dvd-rom drive and DVD writer are samsung.


Remove CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Reload from the web to avoid bad download. Also download ENDITALL (free). Install CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Use ENDITALL to shutdown other applications running in the background PRIOR to launching AnyDVD and CloneDVD.


After completing furballi’s suggestions if problem still persists, please provide a bit more information. Have you used the Samsung writing drive previously with success with other programs? Is XP recognizing the drive?
Basic question but I’ll ask anyway. Judging from your description of you system I would assume you have 5 gigs of free space available on your hard drive?

When you click next after selecting the Video_TS folder does it freeze immediatley in that position or does it go to the next screen and freeze, that being the Audio and Subtitles screen?

Just to cover all the basics, in AnyDVD did you confirm you have the correct Region Code set for your area. Again in AnyDVD under Feature Removal, make sure all the boxes are checked.


Furballi, I did what you said, remove both, download again, reinstall and the problem remains the same.

Itzbinnice, I have used the samsung DVD±R drive lots of times with DVD X Copy with no problems at all. I’m using Windows 2000 with all the service packs. I have 18 gigs available on HD. when I click next after selecting the Video_TS folder it does freeze immediatley, it doesn’t even move a bit. In anydvd it has de region code for my area and my DVDs. I haven’t touch the rest of the settings since it was installed.

please help, this programs are driving me crazy!!!


Launch AnyDVD and copy the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive. Now launch CloneDVD and instruct CloneDVD to use the data from the VIDEO_TS folder in your hard drive.


furballi, is that the only way it works???
I can’t be used directly??


What DVD is it, btw? And do other DVD’s work?


clonedvd + anydvd wont work with any DVD i wanna copy (only tried with original region 1 DVDs)


It appears there may be a problem with compatibiity issues with CloneDVD and Windows 2000, if you scoll down to the bottom of the link below you might find an explanation, although this is not a certainty though. I am hoping Ollie will jump in and offer an explanation. Your case may be different since you are not receiving the error code reported.


Just a test… Were you able to backup using this method?


This is just trouble shooting… Did it work?


really thanks a lot for your time guys!!
Furballi, clonedvd wont work for anything as long as anydvd is running cant even read a DVD full of backup files. as soon as I shut down anydvd it works fine. I tried copying a copy protected region 1 video DVD with Nero enterprise edition and thanks to anydvd it worked great!! Its just clonedvd2 that just refuses to work with me.

Hamp, Itzbinnice, do you think its something to do with my windows 2000?? maybe a patch for clonedvd or an older version may work? if so, where can i get one for testing??


You didn’t follow my last post! Launch AnyDVD. Put the DVD in the drive and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive. Now shutdown AnyDVD. Remove the DVD from drive. Launch CloneDVD. Instruct CloneDVD to copy from the VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive. DO NOT SKIP A STEP!


There is no patch for CloneDVD only the latest version of that you are using.

I thought perhaps it was Win 2k related but furballi has just disproved that theory on another thread. He uses that OS and doesn’t have any problems, knowing him he would be up to date on all his updates, so we can rule that out.

Follow his instructions, it is a method of troubleshooting. These computers are like a car with an electrical problem, sometimes very difficult to pinpoint and time consuming. Stay with it and don’t lose patience, you will be rewarded in the end.


@ Mexman76

I know you want our help but you have to follow along with the trouble shooting…

Follow furballi steps and tell us the results, from that, we can tell you what might be the problem…

I am running Win2000 on 2 machines with AnyDVD and CloneDVD, no problems


hi guys, hope you had a good weekend!!
Furballi, I followed your last post without skiping a step and it worked, as soon as I selected the Video_TS folder the movie started playing in the preview window of clonedvd and from there everything worked fine. now what’s next?? do I have to copy the Video_TS folder to my hard drive for every DVD I want to clone???


The problem may be isolated to a particular DVD. I had to do this with my Xmen DVD. Try another DVD.


the problem is the same with any DVD I try to clone. I have tried 8 diferent and its keeps freezing up!