CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide



the guide is great and when I first started using Any and Clone it was a hair and life saver… but with time the guide gets out dated more and more as new releases come out and new features get added… Is there a plan on producing a new version of the guide using the new version of Any and Clone?


Maybe here are some newer guides




CloneDvd2 has remained more or less the same for a WHILE now. I think its help file is pretty detailed.

AnyDvd could use a touch-up in terms of describing its ripper and things, but right-clicking on anything in anydvd gives a pretty detailed description of what it does.

both programs are fairly simple (although simple certainly is relative to your experience in general).

why don’t you write an updated guide? I bet if it were good enough slysoft might consider using it to update the help files for their programs.

help files are tedious as all hell to write since most of the info is very simple (again…relative) and therefore easy for the developer to overlook.