CloneDVD,AnyDVD burning blanks

I have had lots of trouble using CloneDVD with Anydvd running in the background. During trial worked great. Now I have movies that skip, stall, and now they just won’t play at all. After going through the process of burning. I try to view the dvd and it is blank. In the dvd players and on the computer. I try to burn over the dvd and it is not a working dvd. Please help I have tried various titles and gone through a spindle of blank Sony DVD+R and I use HP burner

I don’t have your answer,just wanted to say ii have been having the exact same problem.It plays the 4 second intro then just stops.I have tried a couple different brands of dvd’s with no luck.

It may look blank, but cannot be.

You may use better media.