CloneDVD and Xvid,DivX



I use CloneDVD (with AnyDVD) as a ripper to get the main movie, english audio, and subtitles I want before I compress the movie to DivX or XviD. This seems to work very well for me.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to add XviD and Divx encode to CloneDVD so it would be a single tool. Much like the way Nero Recode works with Nero Digital; or how Fair Use Wizard works.

I think CloneDVD mobile has some of this capability in it.

Just a thought.


you are correct in assuming clonedvd mobile will do this for you.

clonedvd is a transcoding program so I highly doubt they’d add this feature as it is not the purpose of the program. they provide a separate program for that purpose.


AnyDVD and CloneDVD are excellent. CloneDVD mobile is not ready for primetime. It does not support Xvid; when it encodes with DivX it uses DivX4 (years old). Even if you own a new copy of DivX it will not use it. And when it encodes it only uses single pass.

You could say the same thing about DVD Shrink but when it was bought by Nero it became Nero Recode and they added mp4 encoding to it. After all it is a backup program and you either have to transcode to DVD or Encode to other format, same thing.