CloneDVD and subtitles

One thing I have noticed with using CloneDVD is that after backing up a DVD the backup has subtitles on usually always by default when playing. Is this my players fault or a cloneDVD bug


Yes, it is by default, no way so far to fix it. I posted a while back on this issue. Anything Olie?

Must admit it really gets on my tits too!

I don’t think this is exclusively a software problem with CloneDVD2. I also see it with DVDShrink/Nero.

A cheap Ampex DVD player always turns on subtitles by default. My more expensive DVRs don’t have this behavior.

Later, Conrad

On my PC, Phillips DVP642, PS2, Cyberhome and 2 Magnavox players all display the subtitles on those DVDs by default, no matter the setting.

I don’t believe it is a bug in the CloneDVD software, sorry.

I have the opposite problem.
I can’t enforce subtitles with clonedvd2 . My player (Pioneer 656) doesn’t show them unless I use the remote .
With DVDShrink I can enforce the subtitles .

It seems to be (also) an evergreen topic.

I have never had such a problem with subtitles. CloneDVD2 works perfectly well in this field as well.

Last time we elaborated on this matter I suggested checking the standalone’s menu (subtitles off).

I’ve burned hundreds of DVDs with CloneDVD and it’s only happened a handfull of times. Usually it’s my fault, didn’t select something correctly.

Then how come it’s only on the copy and not on the original?

Ive also experienced this also, I just turn them off…then no more problem.

The original has the menu structure (and related commands), the copy has not.

That makes sense, since I copy only the movie and the english portions of it… can you include a feature in future versions of what subtitle set to have on by default, if any at all Olli?

I don’t know if there is a global “enable (disable) this subtitle stream” pre command for a program chain.

I don’t think it’s a CloneDVD issue either because some of the copys play without subtitles on different dvd players and on others they’re always on. When I make a copy I always remove them but they still show up on the same dvd players that had a problem previously. As someone else mentioned it always seems to be with the cheaper dvd players, another thing I’ve noticed is that 9 times out of 10 my copies will play on my laptop and desktop without a hitch but not work as well or at all on the cheaper dvd players. Olli any reason for this???

Thanks, Rodney