CloneDVD and Roxio EasyCd/DVD 6 = BSOD in XP

I have been using CloneDVD happily since it came out using my SONY DRX-500UL in Windows XP (latest patches and upgrades and firmware). I just bought Plextor 708UF and it also worked fine with CloneDVD till I installed Roxio EasyCD/DVD 6 that came with the plextor drive to use packet writing.
Every time I open CloneDVD and preview a movie the system crashes with a BSOD after few seconds (tried different movies). The CDR4_XP.SYS file installed by Roxio showed up on the BSOD so I uninstalled Roxio Easy CD/DVD and all is well again. I also have AnyDVD (latest version).

Is this a known issue? System is custom built on Supermicro X5DAE Dual Xeon 3.06 GHs board using an LSI Logic Megaraid 320U dual channel controller with four 15,000 RPM Seagate SCSI drives in RAID 10 configuration. Both Firewire DVD drives attached to an Adaptec AFW-4300A Host Adapter (PCI Firewire board).

A lot of reads but no response yet.
Anybody using any packet writing software with CloneDVD successfully?

Packet writing software will mess with just about any DVD reading/burning software.

Can’t you just simply disable that function while you’re using CloneDVD?

I have Veritas DLA installed and I just disable it when I’m using other programs.

Good idea. Did not thing of disabeling it. I could keep it disabled and enable it when I am backing up files then disable it again.

I have used the Veritas DLA on an older computer (it came with my Sony DVD burner) but did not install it on my new computer I built 4 months ago. I don’t know how it fairs compared to InCD and Roxio’s offering.

Some people I’ve run across can’t even have Roxio’s drag to disk or DirectCD installed as it causes problems. But most can and simply disable it.

I had the similar problem.

BSOD Blue screen of death Cdr4_xp.sys XP Crash blue screen on boot

Here is info and fix:

  1. Had Roxio Easy CD Ver 6 on computer for quite a while, no problem.
  2. Downloaded latest version of DivX … on restart got BSOD
  3. Pressed F8 and used XP debugging mode boot which mentioned cdr4_xp.sys as issue
  4. Booted into Safe Mode using F8 and renamed cdr4_xp.sys, and restarted into normal XP
    4.5 Uninstalled all DivX except for the Codec part
  5. Next reboot still got BSOD
  6. Repeated step 4 and upon restart researched the problem and found a download from

Roxio that updates the driver to a higher version.
Orig version of cdr4_xp.exe was - the updater made it 7.x

  1. Got the updater from this link:

  1. Ran the updater and rebooted … no BSOD this time.

Hope that helps … spread the word

I’m sure the original poster will be pleased to read this [B]3 years[/B] after they had the problem.