CloneDVD and MPEG2 Audio

I have a DVD that I burned with CloneDVD that has MPEG-2 audio. I can hear it fine watching it on the PC but get no audio on a set-top DVD player, I’m guess there is no way with CloneDVD to convert the audio. Does anyone know of another utility thatwill convert the audio so I can burn with CloneDVD?


Did you try manually changing soundtracks on your set-top with the remote - CloneDVD may have set the wrong soundtrack as default, is all. This sometimes happens if there is a DTS soundtrack, as you need a DTS decoder built into you home theatre system to hear it.

Thanks Agent.

I did some more testing. There is only on audio source and it is MPEG-2. I tested on another DVD player that is not hooked up to the Home Theater and I can hear it. I then messed with the receiver and engaged the analog surround setting. Waa-Laa, there is now sound.