CloneDVD and Lite-on

After making a few coasters with a pair of Lite-on Drives, I broke down and got a Sony-810A, it is at least getting past 5%.

Okay for the models

SOHW-1635S and SHW-160P6S using Memorex discs and a brand named TEON. Had some no-name discs which worked ok,but player would start and just as suddenly stop and go back to the loading screen, even after a supposedly good burn. Version of CloneDVD is the latest with latest version of AnyDVD.

Update: Success. So if you have a pair of Lite-ons, you might want to consider another drive, as a pair they suck.

Also updated the SOny to Version 1.0e of Firmware before I ever started.

Clonedvd have no fault in this issue. In my opinion your problem is that you are using bad quality media.

Try to do a burn with a good media like verbatim or taiyo yuden

Yeah, I agree with Geno…Memorex media isn’t the best, and God knows about Teon.

LiteOns are usually very tolerant media-wise…

Burning a normal Data DVD did work with the Memorex. The TEON I have not tried as of yet, the price was right and I got about 10 25 packs to go thru so we shall see.

This is because usually (not always) PC dvd readers are more efficient than standalones in reading discs. So often also bad quality media can be read by a computer drive.

With your burner you can do scans with Kprobe or with cd-dvd speed, so you can do accurate tests of these media and see how they are burned.