CloneDVD and Extra Computer Program Content

I am using the latest versions of AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD.

I normally use CloneDVD, but it does not seem to have options to grab “extra” content on those DVDs that have extra computer related material. I do not normally use the transcoder as I burn to Dual Layer discs, normally, if that is what the original was. If I can use CloneDVD to rip/burn this extra computer content, please let me know how.

I have cross posted a similar question to the CloneCD forum as it may be possible to address this issue with CloneCD, however, CloneCD is not working for me, as backups do not play.

Please help,


clonecd will copy the computer content, clonedvd does not.

clonedvd will, however, get you any dvd-menu based games that are on the disc, but it cannot copy anything that is meant for the computer.

good luck with your clonecd issues…it seems strange that you have unplayable copies. hopefully you’ll get some good advice in your other thread.

Use CloneDVD like normal, but reserve extra space on the output for the non-video files on the original dvd. Then author your own video dvd using the outputted video files from CloneDVD combined with the non-video files from the original dvd, maintaining the same file/directory structure as the original dvd.

Not looking at the CloneDVD software right now, as it is at home.

Would I author my own dvd using the outputted video files (which I’m assuming I’d write to hard disk first) and then using CloneDVD to somehow combine these other non-video files? Or another software program / tool ?
Does this take into account any copy protection the computer content might have (or is this rare / a non-issue) ?

You use a third party program to author the dvd, such as Nero. You take the outputted dvd files from CloneDVD (the vobs/ifos/bups) and combine them with the “extras” taken from the original dvd into a single video dvd layout. I’ve never heard of protection on the computer content.