CloneDVD and DVD2

help. how to bypass error “Navigation Pack” using elby cloneDVD

Give. “more information”

I’m using the latest updated version of cloneDVD (?). I can copy the DVD to my hard drive, but when I start burning DVD about 29%, I get the "Navigation Pack error - then everything stops. I can play the movie from my hard drive. What else can I provide? Thanks for your assistance

Firstly update to the latest version of AnyDVD ( and CloneDVD2 ( [as of post date] and retest. then tell us as much detail as possible, what OS what Burner what firmware version, what type of media you are burning to, what the DVD Movie is.

It sounds more like a media error so far but you are not giving us much to work with :slight_smile: oh and if it is CloneDVD and not CloneDVD2 that you are posting to the wrong people.

@ Rocketman43,

CloneDVD Version Perchance don’t you mean CloneDVD Version

Either way CloneDVD Version is not the latest version. Two versions of CloneDVD have been released since version CloneDVD Version

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

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You need to use the “AnyDVD Ripper” if you ge a Navigation Pack error.